Causes, Consequences, and Prevention of Burnout among Substance Abuse Treatment Counselors: A Rural versus Urban Comparison PMC

Motivational enhancement therapy is a specific type of motivational interviewing for substance abuse. It reduces patients’ doubts or uncertainties about engaging in treatment or stopping drug use. The goal is to encourage change as opposed to teaching patients how to change. Therapy using the Matrix model involves a variety of evidence-based therapies substance abuse counseling that promote relapse prevention and encourage family therapy, education and support-group participation. Therapy sessions usually include detailed worksheets or manuals for the patient to reference. The main purpose of counseling and therapy for addiction is to address the underlying causes of the disease to prevent them from causing relapse.

These professionals spend one-on-one time counseling patients about addiction and mapping treatment plans that will aid patients in moving towards recovery. A substance abuse counselor may work generally or specialize in a specific group of patients, like youths. Students studying to become substance abuse counselors will learn the background factors of addiction and substance abuse. Applying a strength-based perspective will help students approach the whole person and family.

The University of Cincinnati’s Bachelor of Substance Abuse Counselor Program

The Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies offers invaluable coursework and training that explores the study and treatment of substance use disorders, as well as mental health and co-occurring disorders. Work closely with full-time faculty, all of whom hold doctoral degrees and bring first-hand knowledge from years of clinical experience, research and teaching. A career as a substance abuse counselor requires compassion, empathy and determination. If you’re interested in learning more about substance abuse and addiction counseling, explore Wake Forest University’s online Master of Arts in Counseling program and discover how you can help people in your community heal and recover from addiction. Addiction is a disorder that tears apart families, ruins lives and adversely affects whole communities. Enroll in Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Counseling with an Emphasis in Addiction, Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse.

UC Online’s Bachelor’s degree in Substance Abuse Counseling prepares graduates for rewarding careers helping those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. Put your passion for helping others to work and learn how to treat America’s most harmful disorders. With summer, fall, and spring start dates available, it’s easy to begin earning your degree right away. Therapists use brief strategic family therapy to reduce family interactions that support or exacerbate teen drug abuse or problematic behavior.

NAC 641C.070 „Field of social science“ interpreted; qualification of degree.

Some clients may need ongoing support for dealing with difficulties with their children or suicidal feelings. A rigid rule stating no contact outside of therapy may be harmful for very needy clients. Clients may feel abandoned if a telephone call is not returned, damaging the therapeutic alliance. Countertransference refers to the range of reactions and responses that the counselor has toward clients (including the clients‘ transference reactions) based on the counselor’s own background and personal issues.

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