Bushnell Launch Pro Launch Monitor Review 2023

angle of attack

The resale market while probably be stronger for the full unlocked Foresight. No way on earth you’re buying a piece of golf equipment and in after 3 years of use you’re selling it for 83% of what you paid for it 3 years ago. I’m betting if you look hard on eBay you’d be very lucky to get a third of the price, (very lucky!) especially with all the new technology that comes out every year.

  • It would be more cost effective to buy the Bushnell Launch Pro with the Gold package.
  • Combining the data-driven algorithms of Foresight Sports with the precision of Bushnell optics enables you to obtain reliable results.
  • So why would Foresight want to compete against themselves in the launch monitor space?
  • I set it up, and it immediately was tracking my shots.
  • These devices have a great humbling factor to them.

While you’re going to get the most accurate information from enterprise solutions like Trackman and Foresight, personal launch monitors offer reasonably accurate measurements. Enterprise radar launch monitors like TrackMan and FlightScope X3 feature larger Doppler radars which are capable of tracking a golf ball over its entire flight. Less expensive consumer-grade units like the Voice Caddie SC200 Plus and the Rapsodo have smaller Doppler units that don’t quite track the full flight of the ball. Both the GC3 and Launch Pro are photometric (i.e, camera-based) systems. As you might surmise from the name, three cameras give the devices the ability to accurately capture both ball and clubhead data. While that’s not quite a GC Quad, the new device is more powerful than Foresight’s prior-generation GC2.

Ratings and Reviews

The difference between these two products comes down to how you pay for them. I haven’t found any way to turn this off, so far. It’s very annoying, and if you’re planning to use this with just a Basic subscription, this is worth noting. But the third screen includes metrics only included in the Gold Package such as Angle of Attack, Club Path and others.

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With the Launch Pro, you have to use it on a network with a password. To make things worse, my first time out with the device, I couldn’t get it to register a ball at all. We’ll talk more in-depth about subscription features later on, but when you buy the Launch Pro you get their “Basic” subscription which comes with limited data and features. The Launch Pro may be the launch monitor of your dreams and everything you’ve been waiting for. It looks high-end, it feels high-end, and it truly is a professional launch monitor.

Using the Bushnell Launch Pro as a Simulator

Not tried it into a net but since it’s only tracking a short flight it will probably have to guess and get it wrong from time to time. When outside the Rapsodo has never once showed me the wrong ball flight, the shot tracer is always correct. I find it interesting that the rankings for the two units changed from when I initially posted my comment and now. Several hours ago, this same site showed the R10 ranked higher than the Mevo+ in every category except for features – where they were both tied at 5th. Now nearly every ranking has changed in the results, and it shows features for Mevo+ at 4th instead of 5th, and the R10 at 6th instead of 5th. I owned the Garmin R10 and it was a useless toy.

Other devices force you to turn around, or look at an iPad or computer to get your data. So this quick, perfectly positioned visual is a really nice feature. I knew the Launch Pro would be bigger than those devices, but when the package showed up in the mail, I was still a little caught off guard by just how heavy it was. And ever since I first heard that Bushnell had a launch monitor coming out, I’ve beenveryexcited to get my hands on one. For more Netflix-based coverage, check out our guides on the best Netflix movies, best Netflix documentaries, and new Netflix movies to hit the service. Unsurprisingly, Netflix renewed the series for two more seasons just one month after it arrived on the world’s best streaming service.

Pending the subscription prices stay the same, it would take close to 9 years to break even. Had the option presented to my wife of either joining a club or building a home sim. I already own a Skytrak and this review seems to indicate a GC3 would only be a minor upgrade for twice the price. (They will think this product is awesome and worth it.). I would love it if you could add the mevo+ to the accuracy tracker info you provided here.

It was one of the most disappointing golf purchases I ever made. Good thing it was in hot demand and I sold it for what I paid for it. Harry – you can’t make every body happy, even the always happy Coach Lockey. I was mildly disappointed to see SkyTrack finish in the middle of the pack. There is a slight pause to display results but you get accustomed to it. I also had the R10, it’s a $500 arcade game at best.

Setting up Offline Hours

It is nearly as accurate as GC Quad for half the price. With lots of great data that is very useful to help you improve. Good for the winter months when its dark and there is no time to play after work – if you are wanting to try to keep improving. Also, I live in Australia and we have been in lockdown for more than 300 days…..there are some good uses.

  • Launch Pro precisely captures and analyzes ball and club performance where they matter most – at impact – to give you unmatched ball flight data in any space you can safely swing a club.
  • As of this update, we’re seeing many sales of the Launch Pro through most outlets online with the unit costing $3,499 – or saving you $500 off retail.
  • It does take some fiddling around, but a lot of owners reported that they used GSPro with the Launch Pro and had no problems so far.
  • Launch Pro is designed and developed for use within the United States.
  • The Launch Pro’s touchscreen allows you to manage a variety of features, including club tracking and backlighting.

Software is expensive and licensing is doubly absurd. Our company spends millions of dollars every year with Microsoft, VmWare, McAfee etc, licensing. Is the gift that keeps on giving for the software companies.

Can you use the Bushnell Launch Pro with GSPro golf simulator software?

I don’t know about you, but that sounds right up my alley. The Foresight GC3 is a fully working, out-of-the-box, one-time-payment device. Launch Pro gives you true-to-life simulation and lets you enjoy the best of both worlds by allowing you to play on the world’s best courses and dialing in your game on the range.

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It gives you the ability to connect and project . There’s no access to online games, but you can play virtual golf and practice on the range. With the FSX or FSX Pro software packages, you also get data for Total Distance, Offline Distance, Descent angle, and Peak Height. The Foresight GC3 is an out-of-the-box, pay one-time, fully functional device.

Like I said, in 30 seconds you can be immediately getting pinpoint accurate distances and stats displayed directly on the device. First off, depending on which subscription package you get with the Launch Pro, you get access to a variety of simulator courses and experiences. I’d like to think I’m a pretty tech-savvy person. I mean, I literally review golf technology products for a living – so using and setting up products should be pretty straightforward.

FSX Subscription – SILVER SUBSCRIPTION – Course Installations

If you have the money, the Bushnell Launch Pro and Foresight GC3 offer games, range, courses, competitions and more. Both launch monitors graphics are good but Full Swing has higher-quality graphics. For the easiest of setups, Voice Caddie SC300, Voice Caddie SC300i and SC200 Plus get you practicing in no time.

I believe none of the units priced less than the Skytrak measure side spin / spin axis. For me this makes those lower-priced units essentially useless. I’m surprised the article doesn’t mention the importance of spin axis; without it, there is no way to measure the curve of a shot — surely a critical parameter for most amateur players.


Full Swing is simple and easy to use plus its customizable options outperform every other launch monitor. There is certainly a cost to the software development – but when it is a tack-on cost, it feels different than if it was included. (for example – price point at $3799 including the software package). Granted, the marketing couldn’t say “less than $3000” but at least it would be fully functional out of the box without added subscription charges.

Yearly subscription options available to fit your needs from enhanced data visualization to full simulation. The Launch Pro captures and measures thousands of frames per second to deliver the most reliable and accurate launch condition and ball flight. Combining the data-driven algorithms of Foresight Sports with the precision of Bushnell optics enables you to obtain reliable results. Some of the golf launch monitors tested work better indoors while others work better—or exclusively—outdoors. Before you purchase a launch monitor, make sure you know where you’re going to use it. If data accuracy is the most important thing to you, the Bushnell Launch Pro is the one for you.


If chart of accounts example a fitter or teaching professional looking to leverage data, more than likely you’ll need to look at the enterprise solutions. Foresight GC3 or Bushnell Launch Pro offers some fitting capabilities and the bag-mapping feature is impressive. SkyTrak, Bushnell Launch Pro and Foresight GC3 are the only camera-based systems in this test. Every launch monitor we tested was compared to the Foresight GC Quad for our baseline. Incredible how people judge based purely on ignorance of subject.

They are both completely sold out unless you buy it with a simulator. I’m guessing their production is nowhere close to being ready for general sale. The Uneekor is sounding more appealing with every day. The QED would be a great buy if you could use any ball with it. In that respect, the presentation of data is similar to what you get with many of the entry-level units. The difference here is accuracy, especially as it relates to your spin axis and total spin numbers.

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